The Coolant that Works:  DYNA COOL K2002!
                                                                 WHAT IS NEW??????

DYNA COOL K2002 is a high performance coolant that ends dermatitis. It is non-odor forming and has excellent rust protection. This coolant is enhanced for use in high pressure machines.

The Coolant Manager 778 is back by popular demand.   

DYNA CLEAN BIO 90 is a green, environmental friendly, heavy duty, biodegradable, phosphate free cleaner that penetrates light and heavy soils.  This non-hazardous cleaner can be used for floor cleaning, machine parts cleaning, and used in spray bottles for the machine shop.  This cleaner is an excellent multi-purpose cleaner.  

DYNA TECH Chemical is in the process of adding new products.  To inquire if we have a product for your unique needs, please "Contact Us".


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