Cleaner, greener and cost effective solutions for your shop.

Manufacturing has changed quite a bit since DYNA TECH opened its doors in 1988. So have we.

Today, our customers are seeking out chemical solutions that are environmentally responsible and safe for their employees–but they still have their eye on the bottom line. So we’re continuously rolling up our sleeves, striving to create the answer to the challenges we hear our customers face every day.

We develop the best solutions because we know what shops want.

Our team has spent enough time on the floor in shops to know what problems really effect your team and your productivity.  That’s how we developed DYNA TECH’s best-in-class coolants like DYNA COOL K-2002. Nationally recognized by Modern Machine Shop Magazine, our DYNA COOL K-2002 was developed to end the miserable effects of contact dermatitis, along with the high costs associated with dermatitis outbreaks.

Where you’ll find us

When we’re not learning more about you, you’ll find us hard at work at our headquarters in Wisconsin, or manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Illinois or California.

Our goal & commitment to you

DYNA TECH strives to provide you with state-of-the-art products and superior customer service. Product development and selection are instrumental to DYNA TECH’s operations. We’re proud to have earned a reputation in the industry for the development of the machine cutting coolants DYNA COOL K-2002 and DYNA COOL K-51, machine shop cleaner DYNA CLEAN BIO 90, and our ozone management system THE COOLANT MANAGER™ 778 – all recognized as premier products in the industry.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. It’s our customers that have helped DYNA TECH become an industry leader in specialty chemicals.

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